It was Ridley’s second stage play and premiered at the Hampstead Theatre, London on May 14, 1992 and featured Jude Law in his first paid theater role, playing the part of Foxtrot Darling.

In a flat above an abandoned fur factory in the East End of London lives Cougar Glass. He is thirty years old and obsessed with his self-image, doing all he can to appear young. 

He lives with his partner Captain Tock who he often makes wait on him, much to the Captain’s dismay. As Cougar has an intense fear of aging, he regularly holds birthday parties where he pretends to be only nineteen years of age. 

He also uses these parties to invite young people whom he has falsely befriended to his flat, to seduce and possibly even murder them for his own pleasure. 

The victim of today’s party is Foxtrot Darling, a 15-year-old schoolchild who Cougar has manipulated by becoming a new role model for him in wake of his brother’s death. 

However, when Foxtrot arrives he has unexpectedly brought along Sherbet Gravel, a streetwise 17-year-old girl who is planning to become Foxtrot’s wife and claims to be pregnant with his child. 

As the play progresses the atmosphere gradually intensifies as Sherbet takes control of the party, aware that Cougar is not what he appears to be.

Source:Tehran Times