Main job of Mehdi Karimi is a sailor, but because of his interest in singing and English language, he published an album in English which was welcome by audience.

In 1991 and 1992 he perform two English Melody, a cooperation was formed between Mr. Ali Amiri and Mehdi Karimi and he sang 20 melody and Eight of them were selected and on September 2010 came to Market. The "Bloom" is the first full English language album in Iran culture and art.

Now he has prepared two albums with names of "Here we go" and "Carcinoma". these two albums altogether have 14 pieces and 8 pieces of "Bloom" which can hold two different concerts.

In "Carcinoma" album several music genres there includes: Rock, slow Rock, pop, classic pop and pop rock. Although the variety of genres and content in "Efflorescence" album there.

Among publishing of "Bloom" and "Carcinoma", Karimi  published "Ask Me Why" and "Walk Me Into Light" that will be in his next album. Also he released a work called "children of war" which was sent by international valid organization that protects from war children from Syria to Africa.

"sailing and workplace have influence on music, expressing emotions and human literature especially in art ," he says. "I have built majority of my work like "‌Say You Love Me" in my free time on the ship, also, I wrote a song and composed its melody immediately in red sea in 2009 and it will be recording."