The 25th of Ordibehesht is Ferdowsi and Persian Language Commemoration Day on the Iranian calendar. This year’s celebration for the day fell on May 15.

The message was read by Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammah-Mehdi Esmaeili during the celebration.

“The great nation of Iran is a cultural and spiritual truth on the heart of Asia, the world’s most diverse continent, and like a ring, it links together the spiritual and cultural existence of the East and West,” Raisi said.

“In this land, great luminaries such as Ferdowsi were born to enrich the Persian language and enliven Iranian history, and based on an understanding of Islam, the Iranian people have managed to pursue their lives devoid of conflict,” he added.

“From this point of view, Ferdowsi, the symbol of Iranian wisdom, is not only a poet but also a spirit of Iranian culture and civilization. He was the one who embellished the Persian language, giving it a strong brand identity, and reinforcing the historical relationship between the national and cultural identities of Iran,” the message read.

“Ferdowsi has been called a sage and his Shahnameh has been referred to as wisdom literature and an epic, because this great book of Persian verse recounts fascinating stories about the valor of great Iranian heroes, and at the same time, it also promotes Iranian and Islamic wisdom. In the Shahnameh, the spirit of freedom and broadmindedness and respect for Iran’s profound and strong culture are quite obvious, and this book is full of friendship and kindness,” he added.

Raisi said that celebrating Ferdowsi and the Shahnameh would help strengthen the national identity, solidarity and self-confidence in Iranian society, especially among the members of the younger generation.

The message ended with Raisi extending his congratulations on Ferdowsi and Persian Language Commemoration Day and his praise for the organizers. 

Source:Tehran Times