The festival will be organized by the IKS Foundation of Poland from June 12 to 26 in the southern cities and villages of the country of Poland.

“I Didn’t Think” by Reyhaneh Kavosh and “Goli’s Greatest Adventure” by Elika Mehranpur will be screened in the short animation competition.

In “I Didn’t Think”, while having fun in Shirin’s yard together with his friends, Shutak comes to his uncle and smashes all of his pots. To repair the damage, everyone helps with the work in the garden.

The story of “Goli’s Greatest Adventure” happens in Tehran during the 1970s. Little Goli is a big fan of cinema, but her older brother decides to ban her from going to the theater.

“Beyro” will compete in the feature film category.

Directed by Morteza-Ali Abbasmirzai, the biopic tells the story of Alireza Beyranvand, the goalkeeper of Iran’s national football team, from his childhood until his entry into professional football.

The short drama “Paradoping” by Mohammadreza Hassani-Ranjbar will also be screened.

A football sports club announces that it plans to recruit goalkeepers. Chubby Ario tries to lose weight in a short time to be able to be in shape to be present for the tests given by the coaches. His friend out of class feels threatened, and decides to prevent Ario from participating in the trials.

“Goalkeeper”, a short drama by Mohammadreza Ganjkhanlu, has also been selected to compete in the festival.

It follows Amir, a 13-year-old villager, who loves football and wears eyeglasses. He asks his parents for money to participate in a football trial in the city, but their financial position prevents them from agreeing to his request. But when he secretly sees a sum of money with his parents, he steals it and goes to the football field for the test. However, he is not accepted due to his visual impairment, and upon returning home, he discovers that the money he stole was intended for his eye surgery.

The short dramas “Chauffeur”, “The Recess” and “Silkworm” will compete in KINOLUB.

Directed by Hossein Kakavand, “Chauffeur” is about a father whose ignorance and false beliefs make his son go through a crisis.

“The Recess”, by Vahid Nikkhah Azad, tells the story of Sahar, a 17-year-old student who is determined to skip high school during recess to go to the football stadium to watch a football match between Esteghlal F.C. vs. Al-Ain as part of the AFC Champions League in violation of the national ban on women entering football stadiums in Iran.

In “Silkworm”, director Amir Honarmand shows the universal topic of how smartphones have infiltrated the daily life of people worldwide and how young people of meager means covet them.

Source:Tehran Times