A number of Iranian and Turkish cultural figures and publishers attended the book launching held at the Iranian pavilion in the book fair, the Persian service of IRNA reported.

Published by the Turkish publishers Mevsimler Kitap, Muhenna, Erdem Yayin Grubu, and Onsoz Yayincilik, the books have been rendered into Turkish based on the Translation and Publication Grant Program of Iran.   

Among the books is writer Farhad Hassanzadeh’s series composed of the books “Dinner Got Cold Kuti Kuti”, “Don’t Catch Cold Kuti Kuti” and “Shake the World Kuti Kuti”. 

Originally published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults – Kanoon, the books have been illustrated by Hoda Haddadi.

The series recounts stories about a blue centipede and its problems, which have been among the Persian children’s bestsellers over the past three years after its release.

“Branches in the Wind, Roots in the Ground” by Mostafa Rahmandoost is another book published by Mevsimler.

Illustrated by Yeganeh Yaqubnejad, the book tells the story of two little saplings, facing each other, which continue to grow happily and enjoy their friendship. But, modernity causes them trouble as lots of reinforced concrete houses are being built around. Will these two young trees reunite with each other and continue to live, or will they also fall victim to the slaughter of nature?

Mohammad Mirkiani’s book “Our Story Becomes a Fairy Tale” under the title of “Hikayemiz Masal Oldu” was among the books launched by Muhenna.

Onsoz introduced “The Red Gem”, and Mohammad-Hadi Mohammadi’s series “18+2 Woodpecker”, “The Black Crow Goes On a Trip” by Babak Saberi and “The Pomegranate Girl” by Isha Saeidi were launched by Erdem. 

The books will be on view at Iran’s pavilion until the end of the International Istanbul Book Fair on December 11.

Source:Tehran Times