Even though this year was a tumultuous one, the jury panel has seen exceptional creativity and a truly stunning representation of personal stories. Through their work, the photography community shows the power of images in shaping how we see the world. BIFA is once again proud to support and honor these photographers who have such important stories to share through their images, giving us a window to the world through their lenses.

Photographer of the Year, Eduardo Lopez Moreno let viewers take a glimpse into a small town in Mexico where a clash between two drug gangs resulted in an accidental murder. In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time - Accidental Victim of Drug Gangs is the photograph series that grasps the shocking fact that just sitting on a bench peacefully can be dangerous in some areas of the world.

برندگان جایزه عکاسی بوداپست

Sabrina Komár's Monologue series captures the inner conflicts that everyone has within themselves: "My monologue seems to have a lot of characters, and yet it doesn’t. Because it's all me, and yet it's not. I am in constant conflict and struggle with myself. But which character is the real one, where am I, which one am I? I am looking for an answer to this with my cyanotypes." 

جایزه عکاسی بوداپست

Category Winners of BIFA 2020

 Professional Photography

- Advertising - Swoonluxe Sway With Me! by Amyn Nasser

- Architecture: Not an Exit by Austin Irving

- Book: Mélaina Cholé by Cristiano Volk

- Editorial: In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time - Accidental Victim of Drug Gangs by Eduardo Lopez Moreno

- Events: Ode to The Fighter by Daniel Antalfi

- Fine Art: Ke Sale Teng by Lebohang Kganye

- Nature: How We Bleed The Earth, Our Guilt and Shame by Torleif Lie

- People: Seven by Wei Ding- Portfolio: A Series of Unfortunate Fortunate Events by Lara Alcantara

Science: XYZ

 Amateur/Student Photography

- Advertising - Stay Safe by Cemal Samli

- Architecture: U-Bahn by Fabio Galvez

- Book: The World Ain't Enough... by Oliver Raschka

- Editorial: Hong Kong Protests by Dominic Chiu

- Events: The Circle of Life by Marco Marcone

- Fine Art: Monologue by Sabrina Komar

- Nature: White Horses: Covid Dreams by Miek Douglase

- People: Son of Nature by Mea Barath

- Portfolio: Be A Chilean Lumberjack by Simone Francescangeli

Science: Microcosmic Portraits of The Little Earthlings by Irina Petrova

BIFA’s mission is to promote the work of professional and emerging international photographers to the fast-growing artistic community of Budapest and across the world, putting them in the spotlight and providing them with a great platform to showcase their work.

The full list of 1st and 2nd place Category Winners,  and Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners in each of the competition’s categories, and Honorable Mentions from across both professional and amateur entries can be viewed on the BIFA website Winners Page.

Hossein Farmani is a well-known Iranian collector and founder and president of the Lucie Awards in New York, International Design Awards, International Photography Awards, Paris Photo Prize, London Creative Awards, Focus on AIDS, and Farmani Gallery. He has previously launched the "Steve House" cultural complex in Kashan.