The show "The Maid and the King" written and directed by Reyhane Chezani, which is a free adaptation of the first book of Rumi's masnavi, will be staged at the Sangelaj Theater Complex from May 8. This show will be on stage until May 30 at 17:00 in the Sangelaj Theater Complex.

Reyhane Chezani, Shahrazad Haghi, Zafar Sohrabinia, Amir Hosseinpour, and Ahmed and Amir Barzanjeh will star in the show

The crew include :Assistants: Arash Tehrani, Shiva Kushkani, light designer: Hossein Kazem Roudbari, make-up: Soheila Javadi, photography: Reza Javidi, teaser production: Zafar Sohrabinia, choroghrapher: Nazanin Chezani.

Tickets can be purchased from Tiwall website.


Source: Iran Theater