Puyesh-e Modam is the publisher of the book translated by Farshid Abdi ad Milad Abdolmajid.

''Energy & Well-being Pocketbook'' is packed with practical advice on how to get into shape, how to work more healthily and how to boost your drive and enthusiasm.

With a background in the health sector and a Master's degree in exercise and health services, author Gillian Burn begins by demonstrating how to carry out an energy and well-being audit which will help readers establish their personel well-being goals. What we eat and the space in which we work are keys to boosting energy levels.

The author describes how food can stimulate the brain and relieve stress, and how plants, color, sound, lighting  and other factors can contribute to the creation of an energy-boosting work environment.

Nor should physical exercise be ignored. There is advice on poise/posture, breathing, taking energy-boosting breaks and a range of avtivities that can be carried out, including desk exercises.

In conclusion, there are sections on work/life balace and on how to create a well-being and energy action plan.

Burn is the director of Health Cricles Ltd, providing training and consultancy services focusing on improving health and quality of life for individuals and companies nationwide.

Her background is in the health field, spanning over 30 years and covering cursing, midwifery and health visiting.

She is a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy. Her workshops address lifestyle factors to improve inergy and performance including exercise, nutrition, stress and time management, communication, creating peak energy and techniques to increase creativity and effectiveness.

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