Nilufar Parsivand in the translator of the book (''Enter toi et moi'') originally published in 2020. It has been published by Fatemi.

This book illustrated everything a child needs to grow up to be healthy and happy.

What is vital for a child's development? Modern neuroscience has radically changed our thinking in this respect. We now know that infants do not throw tantrums on purpose or deliberately set out to thwart their parents; they need empathy and love.

Gueguen's new picture book gives children a voice to open a dialog with their parents: ''I need you to listen to me with all your focus on me''; ''I need you to encourage me without stepping in and taking over.''

The child guides us through her needs, explaining that we need to encourage her to become autonomous, that she cannot self-soothe, and that telling her off while an emotional storm is raging is counterproductive.

The key message is that raising happy, healthy children takes infinite kindness. That is the secret to helping their brains develop, making for balanced, confident adults.


Source:Tehran Times