In addition to examining various aspects of his personality, this book also deals with issues that have not been discussed so far.

The book is divided into three chapters, the second and third chapters are dedicated to documents and images.

A short part of the book text: Once again Mr. Mehdi and I were riding in a car along with Ahad Moghimi on the Seyed al-Shohda road. This road was very bumpy. When the car ran over one of them, Mr. Mahdi’s head hit the roof of the car very hard. “Slow! What are you doing?” he said. I apologized, but we immediately fell into the next bump and his head hit the roof again. “Didn’t I just tell you to go slower?” he said furiously. “Chaharshanbe Suri is close by, sir! If you jump, you will be blessed and, inshallah, you will become a martyr,” I said. He laughed and said inshallah. 

After the Khyber operation, one of our main axes for reconnaissance was Talaiyeh. One day after lunch, Mr. Mehdi decided to go to Talaiyeh to visit other soldiers. We took Mr. Mehdi's ambulance and I sat behind the wheel to drive. We had not gone far when I saw that he fell asleep. The weather was very hot. I told myself to turn on the car's air conditioner so that Mr. Mehdi can sleep comfortably. When I turned on the air conditioner, he woke up. "Why did you turn on the air conditioner?" he said. "I saw you were sleeping, I just wanted you to be comfortable," I said. "What is the difference between me and the rest of the soldiers? I don't want to be comfortable when I know they are not," he said, so I apologized and turned off the air conditioner and Mr. Mehdi fell asleep again.

The book "F.L.31," published in 472 pages in the spring of 2021, is a great book about martyr Mahdi Bakeri's life and his bitter and sweet stories.


Source: Tehran Times