Iranian filmmaker Omid Abdollahi will attend the review session, which will be organized after a screening in the Shahnaz Hall of the forum at 5 pm.

The documentary portrays protests that exploded onto the streets of the streets of Santiago, the Chilean capital in 2019 as the population of a million and a half people demanded more democracy and social equality around education, healthcare and job opportunities.

They also demanded a new constitution to replace the strident rules imposed on the country during the Pinochet military dictatorship. 

Urgent and topical, “My Imaginary Country” features harrowing front-line protest footage and interviews with the dynamic activist leaders who are bringing about a regime change. Guzman powerfully connects Chile’s complex, bloody history to contemporary revolutionary social movements and the election of a popular new president.

Born in 1941 in Santiago, Chile, Patricio Guzman is a director and writer, known for “Nostalgia for the Light” (2010), “The Southern Cross” (1991) and “The Battle of Chile: Part I” (1975).


Source:Tehran Times