International festivals create the best opportunity to present a true image of Iran, its values and culture to the world, said the head of Cinema Organization of Iran.

He said that over 100 meetings and get-togethers were held in the frameworks of Iran’s cinema industry during Cannes Film Festival, asking officials to follow and implement the reached agreements to witness more international success for Iran’s film industry.  

Participating cineastes are Iran’s cultural ambassadors and they need to echo the voice of Iranians who have been under oppressive European and American sanctions, Khazaei stated.

Presence of Iranian representatives at Cannes will have follow-ups on the society, he said, adding that their words, behavior and even clothes will reflect their culture, which is rooted in ancient Iranian-Islamic civilization.

The great success of Abbas Kiarostami, Majid Majidi and other cineastes in international fields indicate that what makes artists and their works memorable is their cinematic and artistic achievements, not their norm-breaking behaviors that are against national and international customs.

He proposed that Iranian cineastes make films showing the eight years of Sacred Defense, martyrs, chemical bombs and even economic crimes imposed on Iran.


Source: Iran Daily