The Islamic department of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin held an educational workshop on the topic of these ceramics at the same time as the book "Raz Derakhshan" was published in this museum. This workshop was held in two theoretical and practical sections with the presence of Abbas Akbari, a member of the academic staff of the Department of Higher Art Studies of Kashan University, at the invitation of this museum in Berlin.

The theoretical and practical parts of this workshop from August 30th to September 13th were planned for 20 experts, curators and pottery enthusiasts, and in the practical part, making bodies, tin glaze, making wood-burning furnaces, knowing pigments and painting with them, and how to bake educational works given.

The publication of the book "Raz Derakhshan" with articles in the fields related to these ceramics completed the theoretical part of this workshop. Making significant technical samples on pottery and glass and disambiguating the technical and historical issues of these pottery on the last day of the workshop was one of the remarkable results of this event.

The Islamic section of the Pergamon Museum, having important examples of these ceramics, including the altar of the Meydan Seng Kashan mosque, as well as the famous Ludwig collection pot and many other examples that are often published in the book "Raz Derakhshan", provides a different study opportunity for the participants of this workshop. brought to experience a more complete event about the history and making of these pottery.