An art exhibition titled ‘1 Second’ is slated to open at Ragadid Complex in Enqelab Cultural and Sports Complex in Tehran on September 11.

Curated by Behdad Najafi Asadollahi, the exhibition will feature the works by 50 visual artists including Mohammad Hadi Abri, Mona Adel, Kourosh Adim, Maryam Ahmadi, Hanieh Ahmadi, Saeedeh Arian, and Amir Asgharzadeh.

The exhibition is another group event which was held for visual artists under the curatorship of Najafi Asadollahi who said that based on the developed plans, it will turn into an annual event.

Arian, also the artistic director of the exhibition, said, “Today, thanks to smartphones, everyone can take a great photo if they find a fine subject or if they are at the right time. However, the art of photography is an excellent subject at the right time, and a wonderful photo is the product of the coincidence of an excellent subject in a special situation”.

She added that a definitive moment, one second, is in fact recording a fact related to the past that shows the artistic aspect of photography in the modern world and distinguishes the art of photography from the photography industry.

The exhibition will run through September 30.


Source: Iran Daily