Championship, the grand prize of the Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.), Asia’s iconic art fair, was given to Turkish artist Mustafa Yuce for his oil on canvas named “Asylum”.

The 147x105cm hyper realistic painting shows a young woman dozing gently in a big hole on a wall.

This year’s Art Revolution Taipei recruits 368 artists from 54 countries to present about 3,000 pieces of artwork with characteristic styles and in various art forms, including the world’s most eye-catching NFT crypto art. 

All the works exhibited are rigorously selected by A.R.T.’s art director Lee Sun-Don, an internationally renowned artist.

Over 300 artworks competed in the International Artist Grand Prize Competition, the category in which Mehrzad won the prize. 

The artworks were showcased in an exhibition at the Art Revolution Taipei from August 5 to 8.

The Art Revolution Taipei takes an innovative step to place the artist front and center, with every booth standing as the artist’s solo exhibition, where the visitor can interact with the artist vis-à-vis.


Source:Tehran Times