FIMAC International Festival of Contemporary Mediterranean Arts is an important event for the promotion of contemporary art in the historical, artistic, archaeological, cultural and social context of the Mediterranean basin.

 For the 2022 edition, Calabria and the castle of Rufo di Scylla were chosen as the venue for the festival.

This festival coincides with the annual Scilla music festival in Calabria, Italy.

This exhibition has been formed in collaboration with the MIIT Museum of Turin, the Italian Arte monthly and the Galleria Folco cultural association, which have been working for the promotion of modern and contemporary Italian art for more than thirty years, and the main purpose of this exhibition is to make a careful selection and provide an international perspective for all participating artists. It is in museums, foundations, galleries, academies, cultural organizations and universities.

The works of several Iranian artists also participate in this exhibition.

Sadaf Kabari, Shirin Moia, Shahrazad Taheri, Ruha Dabaghian, Samina Amel Sayah, Farhanaz Olyaei and Kimia Yari are the artists whose works were displayed in this event.


By Dorsa Bakhshandegi