Curated by Behdad Najafi Asadollahi, the exhibition features paintings, sculptures and installations from distinguished Iranian artists.

Works by 22 visual artists, Mehdi Esmaeilzadeh, Vahid Amin, Saeideh Aryan, Mina Bahreini, Reza Barati, Kambiz Berenji, Sahar Khalaji, Hossein Khoshraftar, Keyvan Rahiminejad, Sina Soltaniani, Saber Soleymani, Mohsen Soleymani, Saman Shadanlou, Mehrangiz Shafiei, Amirhossein Seddiq, Parastou Azizi, Mani Kumar, Meraj Golzadeh, Pejman Mottaghian, Ardeshir Mirmangereh, Mohsen Naseri, and Behdad Najafi Asadollahi will be on display for the public.

A turning point in the life of any artist, Najafi Asadollahi maintains, is when he achieves his style in form, content, or both, transforming the artwork itself into his signature.

On display in parallel with each other at the complex is a range of artworks put together by the curator to showcase the unique personal style of artists reflected in their art.

“Different as these artists may be in their fields, styles, and methods of artistic expression, the exhibition has fallen into a steady rhythm as the installation of artworks lays out a clear deliberate path for the audience to tread,” said Najafi Asadollahi.

Saeideh Aryan, the exhibition’s art director, believes that contemporary artists are seeking to give their subjective interpretations of authenticity through the act of creation.

The concept of ‘Authenticity in Art’ has motivated every artist to pursue the artistic notions and spaces of one who is “like no one else”.

“Being unlike another, or, in other words, being true to oneself, is a phenomenon of which we had no record prior to this era,” stated Aryan, adding that it has now become one of the main concerns of contemporary artists.

The director claimed that in the exhibition, the artworks on display were handpicked for their manifest individual authenticity while considering their authenticity as a group exhibition.

As part of a collaboration between two art institutes, the Parallel Exhibition will be held from July 24 to August 10, 2022, at Ragadid complex in Tehran.


Source: Iran Daily