Due to the ongoing restrictions imposed because of the COVID 19 pandemic, Art Brussels is compelled to postpone its April 2021 edition. Given that the international art calendar is extremely busy in fall, Art Brussels immediately moved to spring 2022.

Art Brusssel presents a strong and international line up and a unique mix of established artists and emerging talent. The galleries are presented across the fair’s four sections: PRIME, DISCOVERY, REDISCOVERY and INVITED, as well as the fair’s SOLO sub-section.

Galleries from Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, Iran, USA, etc. were present in this event.

In its inaugural participation in Art Brussels, Mohsen Gallery represented works of four Iranian artists, Amir-Nasr Kamgooyan, Majid Biglari, Samira Hodaei, and Ali Phi, whose artworks are inspired by the notion of immigration. Uncertainty and the state of flux between two spheres of reality and abstraction may well be the main concern of these works.

Each viewer can place the approaches of the artists as they oscillate between the figurative and the abstract on an imaginary line of which the viewer is the judge. The numerous, different readings are made possible through moving away from and approaching the works, while taking the time to ponder the works in detail and from a general point of view, deciphering the artists’ codes as they struggle to reach their ideal homes.