Works by Maryam Farhang will display at  Art Brunch.The exhibition titled  “Waves Come, Waves Go!” will run through Feburry 27 at  Art Brunch, Austrian.

Water determines the current project of the multi-disciplinary artist Maryam Farhang, which includes large-scale acrylic paintings as well as audio, video, performance and poetry. Thus, Farhang portraits Only a second glance reveals the stirring power and frightening dangers that lie dormant in the water. The artist finds inspiration for this in the examination of her body, her very private surroundings, at home and in the studio, but also processes public phenomena, such as the patriarchal structures of her homeland or the fate of the many refugees who have died in the Mediterranean.

Farhang has written a poem for each painting, which will be recited as a multilingual reading performance at the Art Brunch together with Keyvan Paydar. They will be also accompanied by the musician Hamza Hasan, who was born in Damascus in 1990 and has lived in Graz for several years, who will play a nai, an oriental bamboo flute.

The exhibition will close on March 8 with a focus program on International Women's Day.

Maryam Farhang was born in 1983 in Tehran and studied painting at Shahed University and Elmo Farhang University.