Afarin Emami, the director of Golestan Palace World Heritage Complex, referring to the process of restoring the exquisite oil paintings of the artist Shaban Ali, said “The artist’s oil paintings have been transferred from the Anthropology Museum’s storage to the Palace’s restoration workshop for safety and security and for restoration works to begin”.

Golestan Palace is one of the most unique historical wonders in Iran with a history that dates back 442 years.

The history of the Golestan Palace dates back to the time of Shah Abbas Safavid (988 AH). The Palace complex has undergone fundamental changes with the construction of new sections including a court.

The Palace represents an important part of Iran’s cultural history, not only because of the heritage itself but also due to significant historical events that the palace was involved in. Incidents that took place in the Golestan Palace or were in a way related to the Palace have made it an important part of Iranian history.

This painting depicts various narrations of the holy Imams, including the event of Ashura painted by the artist in the year 1231 AH in the dimensions of 148 by 415 square centimeters, she concluded.

Source: Teharn Times