The works found in this museum from the "Tiles and Kashan" collection are a reflection of cultural metamorphosis, which is engraved on the body of Shamse (a solar abject in Iranian art) and Chalipa (cross tile or lines in Iranian artsy forms) by the Zarrinfam (golden glaze) technique. The display of these metamorphoses on the tile body, although with the medieval Islamic pottery techniques of Kashan, reflects part of the situation affecting contemporary life; A situation reminiscent of today's environmental and cultural crises using the artistic techniques of past centuries.

The Jacques Chirac Museum is the result of the idea and efforts of the former and late French President, whose fascination with the art of various communities was the main reason for the construction of such a museum near the Eiffel Tower. The museum was first headed by Louis Strauss, a world-renowned mythologist.

Abbas Akbari is a faculty member of the Architecture and Art School of the University of Kashan. He was chosen as the first representative of Iran for the membership of the international academy and, last August, received the bronze medal in Ceramic Exhibition of Croatia and his 4th international prize in recent years.

Recently, works by Akbari with an improvisational writing approach have attracted the attention of the Oxford, Victoria, and Albert Museums in London and made those works way to the permanent section.