The painting section of the "Golden Touba" section of the 13th Fajr Visual Arts Festival hosts 83 works by 64 artists

The painting section usually has the largest number of participants in various events and festivals, but in this period of the Fajr Festival of Visual Arts, it is ranked second in terms of the number of participants.

Looking at the works on display, you can see a wide variety of paintings with different approaches.

In this exhibition, we rarely came across an abstract work, but figurative works and dealing with human beings have a significant place in this collection.

Attention to the interior of the house or urban and natural landscapes can also be seen in various works

Also, in some of the works, painting materials have not been used and the artist has used various materials and tools to create his work.

The photography branch of the "Golden Touba" section of the 13th Fajr Visual Arts Festival hosts 62 works by 60 artists. In this section, artists are present with a single photo or a collection of photos and have made various subjects the subject of their work.

Given the prevalence of coronary over the past year, many photographers have tried to capture the effects of the disease on human life by capturing documentary images. This approach can be seen in a number of works present at the festival.