In his meeting with the General Director of the National Museum of Iran Jabreil Nokandeh, Thiebaud said.

In this meeting, the two sides, while expressing hope for the continuation of mutual museum relations between Iran and France, discussed and exchanged views on holding a virtual exhibition between the National Museum of Iran and the Louvre.

Thiebaud named virtual museums as the best option under the coronavirus pandemic.

He informed that in recent years, the French Embassy, in collaboration with the Iran National Museum, has published several books on Iranian works.

Nokandeh, for his part, welcomed the French ambassador's offer to hold a virtual exhibition and noted the close relationship between the Louvre and the National Museum of Iran in recent years, as well as the held joint study projects and successful exhibitions. 

He also expressed hope that the two museums, in cooperation with the French Embassy, would be able to translate the Louvre Museum brochure into Persian so that Iranian visitors could receive the necessary information in Persian when visiting the Louvre.

Source: Meher News Agancy