The event of Ashura is one of the most important events in the history of Islam and the history of mankind. Thus, it has a very rich potential for artistic creativity.

Artists have created beautiful works on Ashura in drama, theater, painting, poetry, song and so on. The art of Ashura is a branch of the Islamic art that started in the form of Tazieh in the early years and decades after the occurrence of Ashura but later on it found its way into other types of art espacially Painting.


By Mahmoud Farshchian

روح الامین

By Hassan Roholamin

حبیب الله صادقی

By Habibollh Sadeghi



By Hossein Qollar-Aghasi

کاظم چلیپا

By Kazaem Chalipa

محمد مدبر

By Mohammad Modaber

حسن حمزه

By Hassan Hamzeh(Iraqi Artist)

شکیر سوابیمانی

By Shakir Swabimani(Indain Artist)


By Khadem Hadier(Iraqi Artist)

احمد مرسیBy Ahamd Morsi(Egyption Artist)