“I have been working on my decorative collection for years but it is not very famous,” Derambakhsh, who is widely known for his quick and simple cartoons, said in a press release on Tuesday.

“The collection is composed of about 5,000 works with different themes like animals, nature and flowers,” he added.

“I usually draw over 100 sketches every day, but select only 10 daily and get them framed. It has turned out to be a huge collection, which I am planning to showcase gradually in different exhibits,” he noted.

“These days there is this love towards domestic pets that is increasing, and part of my works also approves of the idea. I have tried to give friendly images of pets in my works,” he said.

Derambakhsh also noted that his works are mostly liked by the youth and that he is happy that he has been able to make good relations with them.

“Those who do not know me in person and have only seen my works think the works are done by a young artist,” he remarked.

He also mentioned that he produces his artworks in great numbers and offers them at lower prices hoping they can find ways into the homes of lower-income families.

Derambakhsh will organize the exhibition in collaboration with graphic designer Soheil Hossein, who also cooperated with the cartoonist in “Owl Land”, his previous exhibition that was held at A Gallery in Tehran in October 2018.

The exhibit will be running until May 17 at the gallery located at No. 50 Purmeshkati St. off Shariati Ave.

Source:Tehran Times