Mohammad-Javad Habibi directs the play based on a Persian translation by Mahmud Azizi.

Starring Hasti Jafari, Erfan Sheikhhossein, Amir-Hossein Qasemi, Aisan Behzadi, Mohammad Ekhtiarzadeh, Mehdi Khazemlu, Samaneh Abbasi, Hadis Nejat, Sahar Rajabi, Davud Abbasi and Nikukhalifeh, the play will remain on stage until March 8.

Written in 1947, the comedy is about Zaitsev, a worker doing repair work for a Moscow nursery, who goes to a rest home called Les Tournesols to meet a patient there, comrade Mioussov, so that he can sign a delivery receipt for 50 kilograms of white enamel paint.

The comedy is based on a misunderstanding over obtaining the privilege of staying for twenty-four hours in this renowned health establishment. 

Zaitsev is forced to use a subterfuge: he claims to be the husband of the famous agronomist Klava Igniatiouk who has just received the gold medal for agricultural promotion, and which made the front page of all the newspapers. 

However, she arrives shortly after at Les Tournesols, where she is waiting for her husband. The house staff then mistakes Klava’s real husband for her lover, which causes the play to be comical.

“I Want to See Mioussov” was translated into French in 1947 by Tamara Dalmat.

Habibi’s troupe performed the play at the Tehran Theater Complex for two weeks last October.

Kataev was a novelist and playwright who managed to create penetrating works discussing post-revolutionary social conditions without running afoul of the demands of the official Soviet style. 

Kataev is credited with suggesting the idea for “The Twelve Chairs” to his brother Yevgeny Petrov and Ilya Ilf. 

In return, Kataev insisted that the novel be dedicated to him, in all editions and translations. Kataev’s relentless imagination, sensitivity and originality made him one of the most distinguished Soviet writers.

Source:Tehran Times