The 41st Fajr International Theater Festival will hold the "Meeting of the Islamic World Theater Union" with 6 specialized topics.

The topics of the meeting are as follows: "Knowing the capabilities of theater", "Cross-border activities in the Islamic world countries in the field of theater", "Philosophy of theater in Islamic countries", "Examining the problems and obstacles of theater art in Islamic countries", "Applicable theoretical solutions in the growth and promotion of theater art in Islamic countries"" and "Creating the field of joint cooperation in the field of theater in Islamic countries".

The international seminar of the Islamic World Theater Union will be held with 6 scientific articles from Iraq (2 articles), Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Iran, and the capacities of theater in Islamic countries will be examined from different aspects in the seminar.

According to the statistics announced by the Secretariat of FITF, researchers and experts with 20 articles requested to participate in this meeting. And finally, articles by Jamal Garmi (theater director and head of the artistic department of the National Theater of Algeria), Ezzeddin Abbasi (head of the Tunis University of Fine Arts), Riad Zamal (professor of the Higher School of Music and Theater), Abdul -Karim Abboud (head of the collage of Fine Arts  at Basra) and Mahmoud Kahila (head of the Egyptian Performing Arts Education Department) were accepted.

34 people from 8 different countries will participate in the seminar, which will be held with a special speech by Dr. Rahimpour Azghadi.This meeting will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2023 from 9:00 to 14:00 in the Hall of Fame of City Theater Complex.

The 2023 FITF is underway in Tehran until January 31. The festival is presided over by Iranian actor and director  Kourosh Zarei.


Source: Iran Theater