Txema Munoz said that the theater festival makes people come to the theater and force them to think in a different way.The Spanish show "Lumiere"  written and directed by Txema Munoz and Carls Sans competes in the international section of the 2023 FITF.Txema Munoz is familiar with various performing arts such as mime and pantomime, magician and clowning. The performance of "Lumiere" which went on stage on Thursday, January 26 in Chaharsoo Hall was a big difference from other the performances of the festival. Iran Theater talked to Txema Munoz about Lumière.

Tell us about yourself.         

I am Txema Munoz from Spain and I am a theater artist. I have participated in the German theater festival with the show "Lumiere" and won the first prize, and I also won the first prize in the Italian theater festival. I have participated in other festivals with this show, but not in the competitive section to receive an award.

Has this show had other performances in domestic or foreign festivals or public performances?

I have performed it in France, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Singapore and Spain. I have participated in other festivals with it.

How do you see the performance of "Lumiere" in Iran and the reaction of the Iranian audience?

From the beginning, I had predicted that this performance would attract the attention of the audience. I think this performance was somewhat surprising in Iran.   Because compared to other works and their type and  content in the 2023 FITF that I have watched, this performance will be completely different in terms of atmosphere and performance, and I hope that the audience who saw it to be satisfied.

Do you think your show attract Iranian audience?

I am sure that they enjoyed this performance, because they accompanied me in this performance and game, and they sat calmly and enjoyed this performance. I think that because of the different type and the unique performance method of "Lumiere" this performance was new for the Iranian audience.

How do you see Fadjr International Theater Festival of Iran?

I think you're doing an amazing job at FITF to bring cultures and theater together and It opens the minds.  I invite people to come to the theater, think and enjoy. It's great that we can think in a different way. From my point of view, the whole organization of FITF is amazing.

What’s your idea about performing arts in Iran?

I think Iranian theater has a very interesting and good potential and atmosphere. It's amazing how many theaters you have in one city. In my opinion and as far as I have seen, you have both very talented artists and wonderful people and audiences. I have seen this enthusiasm in few art events. In my opinion, theater has a special place in your country and even requires more investment for it. Your capital in the field of theater is really rich, and this issue makes it easy for the artistic and theater directors of your country. You have a great audience.

The 2023 FITF is underway in Tehran until January 31. The festival is presided over by Iranian actor and director  Kourosh Zarei.


Source: Iran Theater