His message is as follows:

In the name of God

“Indeed, We have adorned the lowest heaven with the stars for decoration.” From Surah As-Saffat                            


Once again, we have reached a time when we will welcome the repetition of one of God's incomparable and eternal attributes in a unique cultural celebration: "creating beauty" which has always been the attention and favor of God and the pillar of existence was built by Almighty on the love of beauty.

Long live the glory that has been brought to the stage with a unique effort in this era by the proud theater artists of our honorable country, and in a jihad that has few rivals, the movement and speed of its train has been guaranteed and even a few stations have been added to it until it reaches its destination.

Today, the field of culture and especially the sacred stage of the theater itself is a serious stronghold for struggle. It is a scene of a completely cultural war where the self-sacrificing soldiers who are hard-working, wise with low expectations from the theater community are standing empty-handed against the swords of the heavily armed enemy who uses everything on this front as a weapon and do not think of surrendering. .

Today, the sensible people of Iran should look more seriously at the cultural fields for growth, for resistance, for victory and to prove their rightness to the world. And the officials should prepare the platform for this more serious look and this developed form of public participation in the cultural development process of country. It is our responsibility to make the hands of the theater front soldiers more armed and not let them fight unarmed.

Undoubtedly, this can be a rightful claim on the part of the theater, the manifestation of which is the impressive, romantic, measured and thoughtful presence of the country's theater artists in the 41st FITF in the domestic and international sections; In a edition that seems to be the first step towards the new life of this festival and the renewal of the future goals.

God is beautiful, created beauty and loves beauty.

Good for you that you have appeared so beautiful and present in this glorious cultural celebration and have attracted God’s omnipotence."