The show "Puzzle" is written and directed by Hamed Nasrabadian which will start its tour from the southern cities of Iran to the north from the 17th of October.

This show will start its performance from Hormozgan and then go to Kerman, Yazd, Semnan, Tehran and Gilan provinces and then it will be prepared for international show.

This show tells the story of a family of traveling clowns who, in order to make a living, perform street plays in the city every day, but in the last days of their performance, they are caught in a war in one of the city's areas and...

Hamed Nasrabadian, Niki Nasrabadian and Mona Sahamian star in the show.

"Puzzle" is the thirty-seventh show Iranian Peace Soldiers Theater Group.

"Puzzle" has recently participated in the 11th Turkish Edremit Theater Festival.

Iranian Peace Soldiers theater group has performed non-verbal plays with peace theme in France, Canada, India, Malaysia, Armenia, and Turkey before.


Source: Iran Theater