One of the centers is the Art Garden of the Iranian Artists Forum, where director Majid Khosroabadi and his troupe Kahrobay-e Tazieh are portraying different stories from the tragedy every evening.

“Shah Cheragh (AS) Tazieh” was staged Saturday evening.

The tazieh is about the martyrdom of Hazrat Ahmad ibn Musa (AS) who, along with his brothers, including Seyyed Alaeddin Hossein (AS), embarks on a journey to visit their brother, Imam Reza (AS), in the Khorasan region.

However, Fars ruler Qotlogh Khan is assigned by Abbasid caliph Mamun the task of stopping them. They all are killed in an intense battle with the ruler’s men.    

In its second performance, the group staged the martyrdom story of Hani ibn Urwa, a devoted follower of Imam Hussein (AS), who hosted Muslim ibn Aqil (AS), the messenger of the Imam to Kufa.

“Hazrat Muslim (AS) Tazieh” is set to be performed on Monday night. The tazieh portrays the journey of Muslim ibn Aqil al-Hashimi (AS) to Kufa a few days before the Ashura uprising that led to the martyrdom of the Imam and his companions in 680.

It will be followed by a performance about the story of the martyrdom of Muslim ibn Aqil’s sons, Muhammad and Ibrahim on Tuesday night.

The compelling story of Hurr ibn Riahi, one of Yazid’s commanders, who joined the troops of Imam Hussein (AS) on the eve of Ashura, is another highlight of the Iranian Artists Forum’s tazieh program.

The most tragic parts of the program are dedicated to the stories about the martyrdom of the Imam and his brother Hazrat Abbas (AS).

The Seyyed ush-Shohada Tazieh Group directed by Ahmad Azizi is performing the same stories at the Rudaki Open-Air Theater.

The Iranian passion play tazieh was registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in November 2010.

Tazieh presents religious events, historical and mythical stories and folk tales. Each performance has four components of poetry, music, song and motion.

Source:Tehran Times