Two wood and one stone theater troupe will produce the Show " Military Barracks " written by Ebrahim Karimi Hesnijeh and directed by Vajihe Karimi Hesnijeh.

" Military Barracks" is the story of a number of soldiers that something happens to them during the service.

The show deals with courage, resistance and bravery in the face of oppression, which refers to the myth and legend of the bravery, Imam Hussein and his companions in the Battle of Karbala.

The cast: Matin Makari-Moghadam, Dariush Mahmoudi, Mohammad Hossein Delir, Sina Ramezani, Satish Chegini and Zahra Aghaei.

Assistant director and programmer: Pouria Sadeghi, composer and percussionist: Ali Al-Maei, trumpet player: Abbas Heydari, poster designer: Mohsen Karimi Hasnijeh, photographer: Pouria Sadeghi.

The show " Military Barracks " will be performed from July 21 to August 26, at 19:00.


Source: Iran Theater