Kazem Nazari, the general Director of dramatic Arts Center issued a message for the opening of the Hamedan  Theater Festival after two years hiccup.

He writes in this message: There are many different functions for theater in different perspectives and approaches And in different fields, different works have been defined and imagined for stage.

In addition to the usual functions, theater highlights educational and training approaches for children and young adults, and this feature is more considered by theater professionals, audiences and the scientific community, including psychologists, sociologists and researchers in the field of education, as well as families.

He adds: Addressing this aspect of the functions of the theater requires cognition of the child and young adult and their  vast and specific world. Cognition includes various branches of psychology, educational sciences, humanities, sociology as well as complete mastery and deep knowledge of the executive and technical methods of theater.

 He concludes:International Children and  Young Adult Theater Festival seeks to  create better conditions in various aspects of education, training, hope and efficiency for Iranian children based on Original, rich and diverse Iranian and Islamic culture.

The 27th edition of the International  Children and Young Adults Theater Festival will wrap up on June 27 with announcing winners.


Source: Iran Daily