According  to the director, he  has tried to be faithful to the text and it will be presented to the audience with a different and fresh approach . The cast include  Kimia Javaheri, Amin Ghanbari, Delara Noushin, Ramona Shah, Marzieh Mousavi, Mohammad Arfai and Shahab Abbasian .

Vahid Karimi produces the show. Maryam Hassani and Marzieh Hassani are assistant directors, Hossein Kashfi Asl is a costume designer, Reza Khazraei is a light designer, Farnaz Mortazavi is a makeup designer, Ashkan Ghazanchai is a graphic designer, Mehdi Emadi is  Photographer and teaser maker and Amin Ghanbari are the fiddle player.

The director writes: As an audience, you are supposed to see the life of a family over a century. History is constantly repeating itself and we are still watching. "Recent Experiences" is a romance. The story of not being successful. It is very scary to open your eyes and see that many years of your life are gone and all your regrets are with you. So let us understand and realize that love is the only way to save mankind; Recent experiences are the experiences of us all.


Source: Iran Theater