The theatrical play, ‘Secrets of the Foothills,’ written and directed by Farshid Qolipour, will be staged for the hearing-impaired for the first time in the country.

The performance will be staged at Aban Theater in Tehran on January 2, 2022.

The play will be performed with a sign language translator on the stage.

The play has been on stage since December 22 and will be on stage until January 7. However, it plans to dedicate a special program for audiences who are hearing-impaired.

The country has already seen the screening of a special film for the visually-impaired.

Mohammad Asgari, Azin Raoof, Shirin Samadi, and Esmaeil Bastani are the actors in the play.

The play is about a place called Koohpayeh, where serial killings have taken place and have caused panic. The serial killings have spread to a small town near Koohpayeh and has involved the residents of an apartment building.