In this article, we take a look at the activities that took place last week in different art fields such as  theater, architecture, cinema, culture and literature, visual arts, fashion, and music.


-Iranian director Narges Abyar is among the members of the jury at the 18th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.

-Iranian feature film “Zalava” directed by Arsalan Amiri screened at the 16th MOTELx - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival.

-Directed by the late Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, "Where Is the Friend's House?" screened at Telluride Film Festival.

-Behrouz Shoeibi, the director of the Iranian feature 'No Prior Appointment', received the festival’s main prize Golden St George. Pegah Ahangarani also won the best actress award of the festival.

-Jondishapour Trade History Museum of Shiraz won the bronze medal in the filmmaking competition.

-The Cinematheque of the Iranian Atists Forum reviewed ''The Iron Lady'' by English film director Phyllida LIoyd on Monday.

-The review meeting of the movie "Silent Tree" was held in Charsou Campus.

-The call for the fifth "Iranian Cinema of the Year Research Award" was published.

-The opening ceremony of the movie "Silent Tree" produced by Iranian and Turkish cinema was held in the Charso campus with the presence of filmmakers, media people, artists and cultural figures, under the auspices of the Art and Experience Cinematic Group.

نرگس آبیار


-The review meeting of the movie "Silent Tree" was held in Charso campus.

-The call for the fifth "Iranian Cinema of the Year Research Award" was published.

-A memorandum of understanding on the development of cooperation in educational sectors was signed between the country's fashion and clothing organization working group and Al-Zahra University.

Visual Arts

- A photo exhibition titled ‘Arbaeen Photo’ hold at four border crossings between Iran and Iraq.

-The group painting exhibition "Mirror Inside" was opened on Friday 8 September at 16:00 in the Hall of Mirrors.

-The video of the exhibition "Role of Rastan" from the collection of works of Hassan Rooh Al-Amin was published.

-The call for the 11th National Painting Biennial of Iran was published.

-Last week, Tehran galleries hosted 30 new exhibitions in various fields of visual arts.

نمایشگاه عکس اربعین


-The ceremony of Shabiehkhanan with the presence of Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mahmoud Salari, Deputy Minister of Arts Affairs of the Ministry of Culture, Mahmoud Shalavi, Advisor to the Minister of Culture, Kazem Nazari, Director General of the Department of Performing Arts, and a group of art directors and  Shabiehkhanan from the Taizia arena yesterday (Saturday, September 10) was held in Sangelj auditorium.

-Hossein Amirabdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, sat down to watch the Ashura music-show "Alamdar" at Vahdat Hall on Wednesday evening.

-The show "Misunderstanding" directed by Saeed Saee is on stage in Ajman Theater until 18 September.

-The show "Swords" directed by Amir Hossein Ghafari is on stage at Tehran Theater Campus until 29 September.

 آیین نکوداشت شبیه‌خوانان در تماشاخانه سنگلج


-Ghazal Shakri performs the role of Ketayun in the music-play "Heft Khan Esfandiar".

¬Mohammad Motamedi will perform parts in the show "Cage" written and directed by Mohammad Hatami.

نمایش قفس

Culture and Literature

-Turkish scholar Ali Temizel has been honored with a Shahriar Medal, a decoration that Iran gives to foreign scholars who have made outstanding contributions to Persian language studies.

-A commendation of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for Japanese-Iranian cultural figure Koniko Yamamura’s memoir “Immigrant from the Land of the Sun” which was translated into Russian unveiled on the sidelines of the 35th Moscow International Book Fair.

-Representatives of Iran attended the 2022 International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) World Congresses that started work in Malaysia on September 5. Among 20 others, three Iranians are to deliver a speech to the international congress.

-Zahra Qaini received the Outstanding Reading Promoter Award of IBBY-iRead (IBBY-iRead) at the 38th IBBY Malaysia International Conference.




-International Symposium "Art and Space Between"; The space, barrier and dimensions hidden in the art and architecture of 19th and 20th of September will be reflected.

-The call for the 10th National Contemporary Iran Interior Design Award was published.

-The call for the first architectural event of Mazandaran was published.

-The online session "How the art of sculpture is effective in architecture and interior architecture" was held on Wednesday, September 13.

-The online meeting "Iran's city and urban development in the scope of modernity: past, present, future" was held on Sunday, September 9.



 By Dorsa Bakhshandegi