In this article, we take a look at the activities that took place last week in different art fields such as  theater, architecture, cinema, culture and literature, visual arts, fashion, and music.


-The Iranian actor Amir Jadidi who starred in “A Hero” and “Cold Sweat”, along with Firouzeh Khosrovani, director of “Radiograph of a Family” and “Fest of Duty” were invited to Film Academy.

-The Iranian film, ‘Atabai,’ produced and directed by Niki Karimi, screened at Iraqi cinemas.

-Three Iranian short films won awards at the 30th Croatian One-Minute Film Festival held at Požega. Iran’s five-minute film ‘Leo’ by Moeen Rouholamini, won the Grand Prix of the festival.

-"A Hero'' directed two-time Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi has received a nomination at the 2022 Humanitas Prizes.

- Five Iranian movies were competing in the 6th edition of Cinema d’iDEA, a women’s international film festival in Rome, Italy.

امیر جدیدی


-Two Iranian artists from the northwestern city of Tabriz have woven a rug with over 300 colors and content related to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

-The first national and international festival of Toranj will be held in Abbasabad Art Garden in Tehran. The interested applicants could submit their works from June 22 to July 21 to the secretariat of the festival.

-Niavaran historical cultural complex hosted the sixth festival of self-taught artists of Iran.

-An exhibition, featuring works of Islamic art such as calligraphy, Qur’anic verses, photography, sculpture, geometric shapes and motifs of flora and fauna, scenery and natural beauty,were underway at Iran Cultural Centre (ICC) in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

-Iranian crafter Manijeh Hosseini has won a Seal of Excellence from the World Crafts Council-Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR).


Visual Arts

-Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) is playing host to an exhibition of minimalism and conceptual art. Thirty-eight rarely-seen artworks of these styles selected from the treasure trove of the museum are on view  at the exhibition.

-Iranian photographer Armin Amirian has finished runner-up at the Alpine Fellowship Visual Arts Prize 2022.

-Last week, Tehran galleries hosted 11 new exhibitions in various fields of visual arts.

-Winners of the 3rd edition of the 5 International Photo Award were announced Wednesday evening with a tribute to world-renowned Iranian filmmaker and photographer Abbas Kiarostami.

-The exhibition of works of the 16th Tehran auction titled "Contemporary Iranian Art" was held on Wednesday and Thursday. The 16th auction in Tehran sold $2.8 million (based on Iran’s free-market exchange rate: $1 =  272,000 IRR) with 120 works.

شانزدهمین حراج تهران


-“The Armenian Genocide: Evidence from the German Foreign Office Archives, 1915-1916” compiled and edited by German journalist Wolfgang Gust has been published in Persian. Parvin Daneshvar is the translator of the book published by Afkar.

-The awarding ceremony for the 27th edition of International Children Theater Festival was held in Hamedan on Monday.

-The first specialized meeting of veteran theater artists was held in the presence of Deputy Culture Minister Mahmoud Salari.

-A concert titled ‘Master’s Instrument, Master’s Remembrance’  held at Tehran’s Roudaki Hall on July 8 to pay tribute to the great musicians of Iran. Ashkan Kamangari and Hamed Fakoori were vocalist and concert master of the event respectively.

نمایش «خانم خزوک» در بیست و هفتمین جشنواره تئاتر کودک و نوجوان همدان


-The play “300” is a work by Sohrab Pournazeri, directed by Amir Jadidi and composed by Tahmours Pournazeri, and voiced by Reza Bahram and produced by Hossein Tutunchian, which is on stage  at Saadabad Palace.

-Iranian vocalist Homayoun Shajarian and his ensemble ‘Siavash’ held  concerts at Conference Hall of Ministry of Interior Affairs

- A speechless music concert composed and performed by "Hamid Hanifi" along with "Hanif" group was held on Sunday, July 5th at Vahdat Hall.

همایون شجریان

Culture and Literature

- Iran Pen Association unveiled on Thursday the nominees for its Golden Pen Awards in five categories.

-Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili made the statement via a video call on Monday on the closing ceremony of the 27th International Theater Festival for Children and Young Adults.

-Turkish publisher Nar Cocuk has acquired copyrights to the Persian children’s books “Bright Heart of the Scarecrow” and “The Rabbits Fly”.

-A book titled ‘Cinema Industry during Coronavirus Pandemic’ was published by the Iranian Student Book Agency.The book is written by Amin Mokhtari, Behzad Rashidi and Farzad Khoshnoodan.

-Italian theoretical physicist and writer Carlo Rovelli’s book “The Order of Time” has been published by the Fatemi publishing house in Tehran. Translated Mohammad-Ali Jafari, the book was originally published in 2017.

-A Persian translation of Gerald Klickstein’s book “The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness” has come to the Iranian bookstores by way of the Mahur publishing house. Originally published in 2009, the book has been translated by Siamak Gholami.

- “Meyerhold on Theatre” by Edward Braun has been published in Persian by Nimaj.




-Urban planning and dictatorship meeting was held with the topic "A study on contemporary Iranian urban planning during the Pahlavi II era"

-The book "Mastering of design" translated by Mojtaba Pour Ahmadi and Hessam Eshghi Sanati has been published for free in the publishing house of Gilan University.

-The call for papers of the second national conference "Islamic Wisdom; Architecture and Urban Planning" was published by the Islamic Azad University of Karaj Branch in cooperation with the Vice-Chancellor of Humanities and Arts.

-The call for an architectural competition, "Designing and Organizing the Viewpoint of the Monument to the Unknown Martyrs" was published on the website of the Islamic Azad University, Karaj branch.

خبرگی طراحی

By Dorsa Bakhshandegi