In this article, we take a look at the activities that took place last week in different art fields such as  theater, architecture, cinema, culture and literature, visual arts, fashion, and music.


-“A Hero” by two-time Academy Award-winning director Asghar Farhadi has been nominated in the Best Screenplay and the Best Non-English Foreign Movie categories at Chicago Film Critics Association.

-On the second martyrdom anniversary of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, a documentary titled ‘Qassem’ screened at 110 cinemas across Iran on January 3.

-“Dandelion season” directed by Maryam Pirband won Yellow Rose award in feature film category and “Tide” by Pedram Mehrkhah won Special Jury Mention award in Worldwood International Panorama section of the event at the 14th Jaipur International Film Festival in India.

-The 12th edition of the Tehran International Animation Festival (TIAF) announced the lineup for its Competition Section.The committee members reviewed the films and announced 217 films which will participate in the Competition Section of the festival.

-Directed and produced by Ruhollah Fakhro, 'Morad' has won the Best Director Award of the 4th edition of the Vesuvius International Italian Film Festival in Italy.

-The secretariat of the 12th Ammar People’s Film Festival introduced the jury of the “Video”, “Animation”, “Our Film”, “TV, Clip and Motion Graphics” and “Screenplay” sections of the festival.

-A joint film of Iran, Germany, and Canada, ‘Metamorphosis in the Slaughterhouse,’ directed by Javad Daraei, won Best Film Award and Best Sound Design Award (Hossein Qourchian) at the 8th Veracruz World Film Festival in Mexico.


-Fourth National Fashion and Clothing Event of Yazd with the focus on "Traditional embroidery in worship clothes" with 228 designs from 36 artists from the provinces of East Azerbaijan, Central, Isfahan, Kerman, Golestan, Hormozgan, Alborz and Yazd by the General Directorate of Culture and Guidance Islamic province and was held with the support of Yazd prayer headquarters.


Visual Arts

-After the deadline announcement for the 14th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, the festival secretariat released to the media: “4345 artists have submitted 10,862 works in ten categories of the festival."

-The "Collector 10" collection, including the works of eighteen contemporary Iranian painting artists, will be exhibited at the Artibition Gallery on Friday, January 8, 2022.

-Last week, Tehran galleries hosted 25 new exhibitions in various fields of visual arts.

-The book of “Face of Faces", which was recently unveiled at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, was published. With the publication of 256 self-portraits by 205 artists, including 154 men and 51 women, this book is considered as one of the reference books in the field of portraiture in the history of Iranian art.

-Hassan Ruholamin unveiled on Friday his new painting Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) in final farewell to their mother Hazrat Fatima (AS).

-The photos "Beautiful Eyes" and "Movement" by Mohammad Estaki were awarded and honored at the Photo Romania Festival, organized by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).The photo "At Sunset" by Omidreza Pournabi' also win the gold medal of the International Association of Art Photographers at the phoenix photo festival in Albania.



-The judges appointed and introduced the three sections of playwriting, street theater and radio theater of third Holy General (Sardar Asmani) Theater Festival. In the street theater section, Hossein Mosaferastaneh, Dr. Mehrdad Rayani Vihas and Shahram Karami are in charge of judging the works of the final stage of this section of the festival. In the radio theater section, Bahram Ebrahimi, Amin Ashrafi and Shahram Jahanbazi will judge the works of the radio theater.Reza Goshtasb, Yousef Fakhraei and Dr. Sadegh Rashidi will also judge the playwriting section of the festival.

-William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was performed on Monday at the Nazerzadeh Kermani Hall of Tehran’s Iranshahr Theater Complex.

- Mahmoud Clari, Saifullah Samadian and Abbas Kousari judged the works of the photo section of the 40th Fajr International Theater Festival and selected 70 works to participate in the photo exhibition

-The call for cultural programs of the second virtual book fair in Tehran was published.

-Actress and director Golab Adineh has finally been able to stage Alan Jay Lerner’s musical “My Fair Lady”, which is now mesmerizing theatergoers at the main hall of Tehran’s City Theater Complex every night.

-The theatrical play, ‘Secrets of the Foothills,’ written and directed by Farshid Qolipour, staged for the hearing-impaired for the first time in the country.

- Six street plays were performed in Tehran on the occasion of the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (PBUH) and the anniversary of Martyr Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani.


-Digital soundtrack of the movie "Be Waght-e Sham" (the Sham’s Time) directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia and composed by Karen Homayounfar was released in the form of a music album by the Owj Media Arts Organization on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Qasem Soleimani.

- Dr. Pouyan Azadeh, member of the Faculty of Music, Tehran Art University won the first place in the Rast Music Award in the classical piano section.

سوگواره شعر فاطمی در تالار وحدت

Culture and Literature

-“America and Iran: A History 1720 to the Present” by Iranian-American historian John Ghazvinian has been published in Persian.

-Literati came together on Sunday in Tehran to remember Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleimani in an international poetry night.

-The mourning ceremony of ritual poetry "Beloved of God" was held on Saturday, at the Vahdat Hall with the enthusiastic presence of poets with the recitation about Fatima, in which the news of the establishment of the Secretariat of Ritual Poetry was announced in the near future.

کتابخانه چین


-Global Design Ranking for 2021-2020 has been published. Iran is ranked 60th with 285 awards and a total of 928 points.  In this ranking, information about the top designers of each country has also been published, and in Iran, the names of 169 designers can be seen in the top positions.

-webinar of "evolution analysis of the Christopher Alexander's views" with a lecture by Dr. Ali Akbari;  Assistant Professor of Art & Architecture Faculty of Islamic Azad University, Rey City Branch, was held in cyberspace.

-The meeting of "Recognising the opportunities and challenges of interior architecture" was organized by the Scientific Association of Architecture, the Islamic Azad University, Noor City Branch.


By Dorsa Bakhshandegi