Brazilian Ambassador Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos talked about the significance of the role of museums in strengthening friendship between countries.

He referred to ‘Iran, Cradle of Civilization,’ featuring 196 historical objects from the National Museum of Iran, exhibited in both the Netherlands and Spain, which has been highly acclaimed, adding the role of museums is very effective in strengthening friendship between the two countries.

He noted that holding museum exhibitions leads to lasting knowledge and friendship among nations, creates a new image of both countries and weakens negative media propaganda.

“The expansion of cultural ties with Iran is of great significance for Brazil, and I will make great effort to expand relations and cooperation,” the Brazilian envoy stated.

The National Museum of Iran’s head Jebrael Nokandeh, placed great importance on developing cultural and museum relations between the two countries as he received the Brazilian envoy’s proposal of organizing exhibits.

Nokandeh said holding mutual exhibitions is on the agenda of the Iranian museum, adding that the cultural body is ready to develop comprehensive inter-museum cooperation.

The Iranian official said because of the current limitations caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, the expansion of virtual cooperation needs to continue until the end of the pandemic.

Source: Iran Daily