Vocalist Abdolhossein Mokhtabad, composer Arman Manshaei and the Khajenuri Band were awarded in different categories.

Mokhtabad won a silver medal for his vocals and composition in the single “These Moments”.

Previously in 2020, he won a gold medal for his song “Az Sharm Dar Hejabam” (“I’m Acutely Embarrassed”).

Manshaei won a silver medal for his piece “Homeland” in the experimental section, while the Khajenuri Band was given a bronze medal for the songs “Sweet Dream” and “Rain”, both from the album “Autumn”.

Dariush Khajenuri is the leader, composer, singer and guitarist of the Khajenuri Band.

Iranian musicians are the frequent winners at the Global Music Awards.

In July, Puya Sarai won a silver medal for his composition “Boghz”, a single that features Salar Aqili on vocals.  

The Saeidi Bothers, the traditional Iranian song duo of Ali and Mohammad Saeidi, were given a medal for their single “Youth” composed by Hamid Lali. Santur player Amir-Hossein Moallem also contributed to the piece.

Composer Arman Mansha’i was honored for his new-age piece “Dreams”.

A bronze medal was awarded to Hesam Sadafinejad for “Plasco”, a piece he released in January in memory of the 16 firefighters and a number of citizens who were killed in the collapse of Tehran’s 17-storey mega mall Plasco on January 19, 2017.


Source:Tehran Times