Mohammad Ali Merati as the director of 14th regional music festival of Iran announced "Issue of the province where the festival is held was raised in the policy council and according to the evaluations made by the policy council of this period, it was suggested that Kerman hosts the festival". 

"This proposal was presented according to the review of this council on the previous periods of this festival in Kerman with the important cultural and artistic capabilities of this province. We think that this year Kerman can be a good host for this festival again", he added.

 Merati said "The council's proposal was announced to the Music Office and then to the Artistic Deputy at the same time, the Governor of Kerman attended the Deputy Minister of Arts of the Ministry of Guidance in the last two weeks and in a conversation with the Deputy Minister of Arts and Director General of the Music Office, announced Kerman's readiness to host this year's regional music festival in Kerman. Therefore, according to the proposed opinion and the announcement of the readiness of Kerman province, decision of the Deputy Minister of Arts is to hold the festival in Kerman this year. The call for the festival will be announced soon and more detailed information about the details of the festival will be published. Date and time of the festival will be announced after coordination with the province".