An Afghan group led by musician Mohammad-Nasim Khoshnavaz and two Turkish ensembles led by artists Ubeydullah Sezikli and Yavuz Selim Kafkasyali are scheduled to give performances during the festival, which will open in the southern Iranian city of Kerman on Thursday.

“The quality of the festival can improve and the number of participants can increase if we gain support from cultural officials,” Sadri noted.

“The festival can also be one of Kerman’s tourist attractions for Iranian and even foreign tourists,” he added.

The festival will be hosting several groups from different Iranian provinces.

Ganjali Khan Square and several other historical sites are the main venues for outdoor performances, while halls in universities and hotels in Kerman will host some performances.

Exhibition of musical instruments, photos and music books and CDs as well as workshops, meetings and seminars will be organized on the sidelines of the festival, which will come to an end on November 10.

Source: Tehran Times