Experts with distinguished studies on Ferdowsi, the poet of the epic Persian masterpiece Shahnameh, will be decorated with the medal, the first of which will be awarded on Ferdowsi Day in 2024, ISCWL director Mahmud Shalui said on Sunday during a press conference held to brief the media about the programs the society designed to celebrate this year’s Ferdowsi Day, which will fall on May 15.

“Numerous priceless studies on Ferdowsi and the Shahnameh are being carried out worldwide every year,” he noted and added, “All the works promoting the Persian language and culture will be acknowledged by the granting of financial support.”

In response to a question about several countries’ claims on Ferdowsi and other Iranian poets such as Molana Jalal ad-Din

Balkhi and Nezami Ganjavi, Shalui said, “All these poets are Iranian and they have composed in Persian and they felt proud of their language. It’s not possible to confiscate their language; their poems will remain Persian even if they are frequently translated into other languages.”    

“We are proud that Molana Jalal ad-Din Balkhi’s tomb is located in Turkey, our friendly neighboring country; they are the luminaries we have in common with other nations. We must know that it is impossible to confiscate the luminaries’ language and thoughts. They are associated with Iran all across the world,” he explained.

“The Shahnameh’s key messages are kindness and self-sacrifice, and we plan to pay more attention to Ferdowsi during cultural events such as the Tehran International Book Fair,” he added.

Among the programs designed to celebrate Ferdowsi Day is a seminar that will be held at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad on May 14 and 15.

The main part of the 2023 commemoration for Ferdowsi will be held on the eve of Ferdowsi Day at his tomb in Tus. A number of musical and dramatic performances will be held and verses from the Shahnameh will be read during a meeting that will be organized.   

Groups of schoolchildren have been invited to tour the tomb of Ferdowsi and their teachers will give them relevant information.


Source:Tehran Times