Mahmoud Shalouei, advisor to the Minister of Culture, at the media meeting "Recognizing the role of Ferdousi's Shahnameh in national identity", stating that Ferdousi, as a graceful figure of history, has a special place in the culture and identity of Islamic Iran, and said: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance pay special attention to the honoring of Iran's cultural heritage.

Recalling the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of Cultural Artifacts and Monuments, Shalouei said: During its activity, the association has been the founder of the construction of many monuments of Iran's greats include Ferdousi's tomb in Tous.

Referring to the preparation of extensive programs to commemorate Ferdousi in the country, he said: This year, Ferdousi's commemoration will be held with the focus of Mashhad and Tous, but also in Tehran and other provinces with the cooperation of other institutions and ministries.

The head of the Cultural Artifacts and Honors Association considered the implementation of cultural and artistic programs in the literary circles of other countries as a characteristic of Ferdousi's commemoration this year and said: Iran's cultural advisors in foreign countries are responsible for setting up these programs.

Shalouei said: From next year, Ferdousi Award will be awarded to the scholars of Shahnameh.