The press conference of the 34th Tehran International Book Fair with the presence of Yaser Ahmadvand; Vice President of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and President of the 34th Tehran International Book Fair, Ali Ramezani; Spokesman and vice-chairman of the 34th Tehran International Book Fair and Ismail Janalipour; The director of the committee of foreign publishers and a group of media people was held in Imam Khomeini's mosque.

At the beginning of this meeting, Yaser Ahmadvand, referring to the slogan of the 34th book exhibition entitled "The future is reading", stated: This slogan means that the future of the country's progress depends on more and better reading, the history of different societies shows that the progress of each country owes reading. Reading statistics progress faster than economic growth, and the exhibition is a context to encourage people and draw attention to the important habit of reading and to make families pay attention to this important issue.

He continued: We hope to see a prosperous exhibition with the large participation of people and the audience of the exhibition and the services provided by the publishers. In order to achieve the goal of effective cultural and economic progress, the Tehran International Book Fair will have differences from previous periods; In different sectors, the main approach is to pay attention to cultural content and cultural programs and try to make people benefit from it.

Ahmadvand thanked the Municipality of Tehran, the National Bank of Iran as the operating bank, the National Post Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the police force, the city administration, and the group of workers and colleagues at Imam Khomeini's mosque, and said: For the establishment of this event, various organizations and institutions participated They have and different departments with special efforts to help this period of the exhibition.