As part of a project aimed at introducing influential people in Iran, Javad Kamvar published a biography of Dr. Manouchehr Davaei in the name of "Minuchehr".

This author first explained about Dr. Davaei that he was born in Tehran in 1937 and under the influence of his father, Dr. Ramzan Davaei, he became interested in medical sciences and pharmacy. After that, he went through several medical courses in several foreign countries and returned to Iran again.

As Kamvar said, Dr. Davaei can be called the father of surgery during the holy defense era, which indicates the very high number of surgeries performed by him during the war.

The author “Minuchehr” went on to say that the doctor's expertise in the field of surgery was unique and what impressed people in the initial encounter with this man was his spiritual ethics and practical mysticism. He has trained several generations of doctors in our country as well.

The author of "Minuchehr" stated that this book depicts the life, times and memories of Dr. Davaei. This book consists of seven chapters that evoke the seven cities of love.

According to the author, the style of this work is different from oral history books and memoirs and has a new style.

Kamvar, who was reviewing some of the memories of the late Dr. Davaei in "Minouchehr", said that there are many interesting memories in the book regarding this honorable man, including the surgical procedure performed by Davaei on Dr. Mustafa Chamran's injured leg at the beginning of the war, in difficult conditions.

At the end of the interview, he clarified that the late Dawai was also Imam Khomeini's special doctor. His humility and humbleness were really admirable.

Source:Tehran Times