Writer Jahangir Khosroshahi received the award in the awards ceremony held at the Sacred Defense Museum Garden in Tehran on Monday.

After the end of the devastating war between Iran and Iraq during the 1980s, an Iranian war veteran named Majid joins a team of excavators in the former frontline area to search for the remains of his comrade, Hamed, whom he was forced to leave there under a heavy artillery bombardment. He firmly believes that he will find Hamed’s body there, because he feels the spiritual presence of Hamed in the area.

In the biographical fiction category, the award went to “The Sun of Zabol” written by General Qassem Soleimani about the life story of Qasem Mirhosseini, a commander of the 41st Sarallah Division who was killed in Operation Karbala 5 in 1987.

“Cry in Solitude” was also awarded in this section. It is the memoirs of Ashraf Sadat Montazeri, the mother of Mohammad Memarian, a 13-year-old volunteer who was killed in the Iran-Iraq war. The book has been authored by Akram Eslami.

“Haji Jalal” was honored in the memory category. The book written by Leila Nazari covers the life story of Jalal Hajibabai, a modest village man in northern Iran who lost his two sons, son-in-law and his sister’s husband in the war.  

“Miracle Is Imminent” by Faramarz Gorgian also won an award in this section. The book covers episodes of the life story of Mohammad-Hassan Nisi, a volunteer who lost his eyesight as a result of injuries he suffered during the war.

The award in the translation category was given to “Images, Combatants and Martyrs: The Iran-Iraq War as Seen by Iranian Cinema” by Agnes Devictor, a French specialist in Iran’s war cinema.

To understand the historical, political and ideological issues of the Iran-Iraq war, but also how it was waged and experienced on a daily basis by Iranian combatants and citizens, Devictor analyzes the astonishing production of war films shot in Iran during the conflict.

The book has been translated into Persian by Mohammad-Mehdi Shakeri.

“A Mission for God”, “This Is Syria” and “Martyrdom Seekers” were awarded in the international resistance category.

“A Mission for God” written by late Afghan writer Mohammad-Sarvar Rajai about Ahmadreza Saeidi, an 18-year-old Afghan volunteer who was killed in the war against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

In “This Is Syria” by Iranian writer Zahra Yazdanpanah, Syrian women share their experiences of the war. 

“Martyrdom Seekers” by Hamid Davudabadi covers the stories of the suicide attacks carried out by Lebanese and Palestinian fighters.   

Dozens of books were also awarded in numerous categories.


Source: Tehran Times