Nataliya Gevorkyan, Natalya Timakova and Andrei kolesnikov have contributed to the book translated by Forugh Puryavari.

Who is this Vladimir Putin? Who is this man who suddenly-overnight and without warning-was handed the reigns of power to one of the most complex, formidable and volatile countries in the world? How can we trust him if we don't know him?

“First Person” is an intimate, candid portrait of the man who holds the future of Russia in his grip. 

An extraordinary compilation of over 24 hours of in-depth interviews and remarkable photographs, it delves deep into Putin’s KGB past and explores his meteoric rise to power. 

No Russian leader has ever subjected himself to this kind of public examination of his life and views. Both as a spy and as a virtual political unknown until selected by Boris Yeltsin to be Prime Minister, Putin has been regarded as a man of mystery. 

Now, the curtain lifts to reveal a remarkable life of struggles and successes. Putin’s life story is of major importance to the world.


Source:Tehran Times