As the birthplace of moveable-type printing, China has a claim to being the homeland of publisheing.

China's ancient civilization has nurtured a distinctively Chinses publishing industry, and this industry has done much to spread Chinese ideas and culture around the world.

Yang Hu and Xiao Yang provide a comprehensive introduction to the origins and development of printing and publication in China from ancient to modern times, complemented throughout with full-color illustrations.

The third edition of the book was published by Cambridge University Press in 2012.

Yang Hu completed his Ph.D. at the School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University. His research focuses on mass culture and communication, editing and publishing, university management and the history of Peking University.

A researcher for the National Key Social Science Fund in China, he has published widely on his research interests.

Xiao Yanf is a graduate of the Foriegn Languages Institute of Peking University, an editorial board member and deouty director of the news agency Xinhua Net.

Source:Tehran Times