* What inspired you to write “Hot Bullets”?

Three years ago or so, I enrolled in an online writing course. Although it was a brief course, it served as the foundation for my writing. I began reading Iranian and international literature books and short tales with the teacher's encouragement. And this book is the outcome of that writing course after a variety of experiences.

* How many different story-writing techniques have you used, and how much have they aided you?

I employed story-writing techniques as simply as I knew how. Of course, I believe that the most crucial factor in a writer's ability to develop as a writer is the study of novels and notable works of literature, together with regular writing and practice.

* What was the reason for naming the book "hot bullets"?

As you are aware, deciding on a title for a book is one of the hardest parts of the process. When I was searching for a good title for the book, the supreme leader's speech in which he remarked that Imam Hussain's lovers traveling to Karbala today are like hot bullets that pierce the enemy's heart caught my attention.

* Which part of the Arbaeen walk do you find to be the most appealing?

Humans are drawn to all Arbaeen experiences. However, when that teenager used warm water and soap to wash and massage my feet, saw my tears, shed his own tears, and then knelt down and kissed my feet, my heart wrenched and I envied his love for Imam Hussain. 

* What do you think "Hot Bullets" says to the audience that is most crucial?

The love that causes us to cry and inspires us to love Imam Hussain is the book's key focus since it encourages us to obtain heavenly love and affection. Love for Imam Hussain is, in my opinion, the best and possibly the only path to Allah’s love.

Source:Tehran Times